Tips on How to Produce More Pre-cum

Pre-cum is a fluid produced in the Cowper’s gland upon sexual stimulation. It can be simply termed as “wetness” gotten from sexual stimulation. Its most primitive function is to cleanse the urethra of acids, making it easier for sperm cells to pass through the urethra when ejaculation comes to play. However, a lot of people find it sexy licking it or just simply seeing it come out. No matter what your reason for wanting to produce more pre-cum is, the tips below when applied appropriately would help you achieve your goal.

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Keep hydrated

The normal quantity of water intake recommended per day is about 2 liters of water. But when it comes to producing more pre-cum, you should consider taking about 3 liters per day. Although, this has not been scientifically proven, but it sure does help the reproductive system work well. The key is to keep hydrated, as dehydration does not help your course.

Eat balanced diet

Proper nutrition is a key to better body system function. Eating vegetables, fruits, as well as foods high in protein could help in the production of more pre-cum. Of course, you should cut back on sugar and all sorts of junks. This is vital to your course of producing more pre-cum.

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Use of supplements

You should also consider using supplements to aid produce more pre-cum. A combination of zinc, pygeum, lecithin, and l-arginine supplements could really help. Although, using a dosage of pygeum for a couple of weeks is known to ensure the activation of the Cowper’s gland, which is the site of pre-cum production. However, it should be noted that this supplements should be taken appropriately and with caution.

Try the “edging technique”

This is also usually referred to as orgasm control. This method will require time, let’s say about 20 minutes, and should be practiced more often to achieve success. This can be done alone or with your partner. Assuming you want to do it alone, the first thing is to stimulate yourself till you get an erection. You could apply lubricants as you stroke your penis slowly and feeling the sensation throughout your entire body. Just when you have almost reached that point when you want to ejaculate, you stop! And allow your erection to subside. After a while when you feel the urge to ejaculate has disappeared, then you start the whole process again. It’s often better if you can keep this going for about 20 to 30 minutes. A lot of people have used this technique to much effect and have recorded a noticeable increase in the quantity of their pre-cum.

Use of butt plug

What a butt plug does is to help stimulate the prostate gland which is very sensitive to being stroked. This in turn makes masturbation and/or sex feel extremely sensational. This could also help in the production of pre-cum. More so, it can be used alongside the edging technique.

Engage in more fore-play

Instead of jumping right to penetration, you should consider engaging in more fore-play. During this period, you can simply engage in more stimulation with your partner like the edging technique. This ensures that both of you are “wet”. Thereby making the sex even better.

Exercise More

Living healthy is the key here. Ensure proper exercise of the whole body in order to keep fit and maintain proper body functions. You can join a gym or get some equipment for yourself. The main thing is to work-out and be fit. Also, you should consider quitting smoking and other habits that can jeopardize your overall fitness.

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